Client Testimonials

Tools to use straight away!

A good programme with lots of useful tools and techniques for personal and professional life that can be used straight away!      Jane

Extremely practical and useful

The course work is extremely practical and useful in the working environment and personal life. You are asked to be open and honest with yourself and look at how you work, think and react. The skills gained and new habits that will be formed are life enhancing.      Julia

Well structured and unique

I would describe the programme as very well structured and unique in the way it relates the personal insights/gains to the professional and offers a wide range of well-constructed tools throughout the course.  A real eye opener/reality check in many ways.      Derek

New skills I use on a daily basis

Really enjoyable programme and I learnt a lot of new skills that I use on a daily basis.  The days went in really quick and both Dave and April are really good at keeping the rooms attention and making all parts of it enjoyable.  I really enjoyed working within coaching pairs I feel it helped me take in a lot more as I got to see everything from someone else’s perspective which in turn helped me look at things differently and helped me learn more.      Carrie

Step back and think

The programme makes you step back and think about how to approach life/work situations so that you are better able to deal with them.      Sue

Leave your opinions at home…

Not what you would expect leave you opinions at home and go with the flow, it’s an incredible self-building journey.      Katie

Dave & April were outstanding!

“The course provided by Silverback Coaching is an excellent complete package which deals with providing you with the tools and techniques to enable you to focus and deal with personal and work related goals. But where it really overtakes others is by both Dave and April’s delivery, they were both outstanding throughout the modules within the course.”      Dave

A huge difference

“The programme gives you practical tools, things you can actually do that can make a huge difference if you implement them.  It was like being given a really strong torch in a dark coal shed – you just have to switch it on to make the difference.”      Julia

Very Effective

“The skills learnt during the workshops are very effective and already I have seen an increase in productivity/ effectiveness not only at work but in my home life too.”      Hayley

Really enjoyed the workshops…

“I would recommend this course as it has been different from other courses I have done of a similar nature in that this programme allowed me to look at my own personal goals first and how I can cope with them before we moved onto the work context.  I really enjoyed the workshops, especially on eliminating overwhelm and defeating procrastination.    They were much more practical than other workshops and I have been able to use some of the skills and tools that I learned in both my personal and work life.”      Catherine