Eat a Frog

Eat A FrogSo you know the story……You’ve got a whole list of tasks to complete by the end of the day, some of them more pleasant / enjoyable than others.


Amongst them, there’s this one task, the task that was perhaps on your list yesterday, and the day before, and maybe even the day/ week before that. The task that you really can’t bring yourself to do. The task that somehow gets relegated day in and day out by other tasks that are seemingly less daunting, boring, or erroneous.


It’s almost irrelevant what the task is, it could be personal such as clearing out the cupboard that spills its contents all over the floor whenever you open the door – usually at a critical time when you’re looking for something important and in a hurry; or it could be professionally related e.g. writing that strategy report or document.


Whatever it is, it sits there in your conscience hour after hour, day after day, week after week, niggling away at you like an irritating itch wanting to be scratched. You know it’s there, but try to avoid it by focussing on all the other important tasks that you know you need to do. And, as it sits there, the thought of doing the task, grows in your mind, culminating in it becoming increasingly more daunting, difficult and undesirable with the passing of time. All the while draining your energy and impacting your performance and productivity.


Until….. you procrastinate on the task for so long that eventually one of two things happens. You either:

A) get to a point where you cannot put it off any longer and so end up doing it (often to gain a real sense of satisfaction having completed it and realised that it wasn’t quite as awful as you had imagined it to be) or

B) put it off for so long that it becomes irrelevant.


But what if there was a different way? What if you could end this procrastination habit tomorrow? …You’ve heard the saying ‘Go to work on an egg’, well, how about you ‘Eat a Frog for Breakfast?… and get that erroneous task done  and off your list at the start of your day.


What’s the Frog you’re going to eat tomorrow morning?


Let’s make life work!




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