What’s your why?

Do you know why you do what you do?  Do you know what really motivates and drives you?  Many people don’t.  They bump along in a semi-conscious state, routine driving their daily lives.  Not connected to why they are here, what brings them to life, what sets their soul on fire.


Challenging and changing this is what drives us.  We know that there is untapped potential in all of us.  We are privileged to enable others to set this potential free, and have seen the heights that they soar to.  The more we do this, the more we want to do.


We know that personal and professional development go hand in hand.  We have seen the results that this combined principle of coaching and training delivers for people.  Quite simply we want to change the world, one person at a time.



'Old enough to know better,
impulsive enough to do it anyway'

I have been in Edinburgh for over 20 years, although I was born and bred in Yorkshire. I got my first job when I was 13 and I've worked ever since. I've been a labourer, a youth worker, a housing officer and a charity director. I've worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors. I've spent time in construction, catering, retail, social care, community development, business development and project management. I've been a cog in the wheel for large organisations and I've started a number of small businesses. I've coached people in martial arts, kettlebells, nutrition and personal development. I've crammed a lot of experience into my first 45 years.

More important than what I’ve done, is what I’ve learned. I have worked with some inspiring people and others that crushed the soul. I've been part of teams that achieved incredible things and others that simply didn't work. I've had stand-out professional success and dispiriting failures.

The thread that has run through all my experience is developing people. What drives me is seeing people achieve their potential. Through my coaching programmes I can help you to identify what you really want from life, and then put a plan in place to achieve it. I take a practical approach and combine my business and project management experience with personal development coaching techniques to achieve results.

I'm finally doing what I was meant to do. I see the last 30 years as my extended apprenticeship.
Most of my online coaching is in personal development, helping people achieve their full potential. With a mix of UK and international clients I spend much of my life on skype, often at all times of the day and night!

I also travel the UK delivering workshops to organisations and teams and I teach Kettlebells on a weekly basis. Jump onto the mailing list and I'll send you updates on coaching, productivity and more.


April Edwards - Associate Trainer with Silverback Coaching.

April lives in a characterful miner’s cottage in West Lothian with her husband Barry, her 4 yr old daughter Sophie-Rose and two fish named Dorri and Nemo (who look nothing like the fish from the film “Finding nemo”).

April believes in the radical tradition of “education for liberation”; and that the ‘self-knowledge’ that comes from personal reflection and development has the power to be both liberating and transformative.

She believes that we can only ‘know’ our true potential if we continue to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone, give ourselves permission to fail, and model and take courage from those who live their lives in this way. She believes in the power of YET! to drive us towards meeting our own unique potential… and knows she’s not there herself (YET)…

She believes that we are human ‘be’-ings…Not human ‘do’-ings, but sometimes she forgets…She believes there are leaders, and there are those who lead, and has followed those she has followed, not because she was being led, but because she discovered that she too believes what they believe… and has built her life and work around these beliefs.

April brings 20 + years experience of working across the public and voluntary sectors in a range of roles, including: Participation Development Worker, Training & Development Advisor, Community Engagement Programme Leader and Employability Lecturer. She holds qualifications in Community Learning & Development, Training, Management, Certificates in Counselling and a Practitioner Certificate in Mindfulness, and she is a certified DISC trainer. April is currently working towards completing a Fellowship to teach in Higher Education.

In addition to her Associate Role with Silverback Coaching, April currently works as a Consultant to the Edinburgh Napier University Business School; designing and delivering high quality, bespoke, Learning & Development programmes and workshops, that facilitate staff and student Productivity & Performance, and enhance Employability.