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NLP Model SuccessI have a confession to make.  I’m addicted.  And I have no interest or intention in ending this addiction.


My vice of choice?  TED Talks.  If you haven’t dipped into this then start now.  Trust me, it’s so much better than playing grumpy birds, candy squash or whatever the latest mindless smartphone time stealer is.


Watch Amy Cuddy, watch Simon Sinek (links below) and then tell me you’re not infected and inspired by their ideas and their passion.  But this is much more than simply an exercise to lift the soul.


How do we improve?  The honest answer is through trial, error and effort.  But how do we know what better looks like?  NLP promotes the concept of modelling.  Simply put if you want what someone else has, do what they do.


And is it a simple concept, which is what makes it so powerful and so effective.  But that’s not to say it’s easy.  If you find that achieving the success or outcome you desire is a result of long hours, hard graft and sacrifice – you might decide its not for you.  But, if you have a life ambition that cannot be quenched, and the only way to attain satisfaction is to achieve it, then this will give you a route map and a model to follow.


It might be writing that novel, starting your own business, running a marathon or going back to university.  Whatever that ‘thing’ is that sets your soul on fire.


So, what is it you want?  Who has it?  How did they get it?  And what’s stopping you doing the same?


Let’s make life work!







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