Personal Coaching

Are you facing a crossroads and unsure about which direction to take?  Have you ground to a halt and don’t know how to re-ignite?  Have you lost sight of what it is you want?  Are you overawed by the situation you are in and looking for help in finding the right route forward?

These are just some of the reasons why people have come to us in the past.  Our skill and expertise lies in supporting you to identify where it is you want to get to, and then defining a route (with sustainable habits and strategies) that will take you there.

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What makes us unique?

In our personal coaching, as with our programmes, we combine the personal and professional.  The two simply cannot be divorced if you want to achieve a successful outcome.  Your core beliefs have a huge effect on everything you do, in your personal and your professional life.  We coach you as an individual, not simply as a staff member. 

This principle makes our approach effective at whatever level you are at.  We have coached Office Juniors and Chief Executives alike and achieved positive results.  This approach works because it is personalised to you first and foremost.  Of course the fact that we also have decades of experience working at all levels within organisations doesn’t hurt either.

So what is coaching?

Our approach is tailored to each individual, but there are some common elements. 

Firstly, coaching holds up a mirror.  It makes you face up to where you are and what has brought you there.  Coaching is also about challenge.  Once you have truly seen your situation you need to ask yourself, ‘Am I content to continue like this or do I want to effect a change?’  Once you have seen where you are it cannot be unseen – it must be addressed.

Having identified a future destination, coaching will support you to set goals and monitor your progress, celebrating your successes along the way.  It will also hold you accountable for your actions and decisions, ensuring that you stay on track and continue moving towards your goals.

Ultimately coaching is about success, your success, whatever that definition is for you.  We will drive, challenge and support you to take sustained and positive action that moves you from where you are, to where you want to be.  And we will equip you with tools and skills to venture beyond and into the unknown.

If you want to transform your circumstances, contact us to talk about how we can create a coaching package tailored to you.

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Clarified my goals...

Dave helped me clarify my goals, my vision and my action steps, and now I feel very optimistic to step into my future.

New York

Push Forwards

I got a nice push towards focusing on my next career move, a focusing I had been putting off. Coaching helps to get clarity when you feel stuck. I would recommend Dave as he works with you in a challenging yet respectful way and empathizes. He was receptive, supportive and positive.


Holistic Approach

I was very happy with your way of coaching, specially your holistic approach. I felt secure to talk about my situation and was really excited every time we had our sessions. I really appreciated the fact that you listened to me and didn´t push me. I got exactly what I was hoping for.

Czech Republic

One of the best decisions I made...

Doing coaching with David is one of the best decisions I've ever made. He encouraged me to see my experiences as different roads towards my objective and to balance the amount of imagination and work in order to be be realistic and keep myself motivated.