Releasing Leadership

Leadership is far more than simply taking responsibility for others. It is about understanding, motivating, challenging and driving. Those with leadership experience know just how many challenges and difficulties this responsibility brings. They also know the enormous satisfaction that comes from developing the best of yourself and your people, and accepting responsibility for achieving your organisations objectives.

The skills required for effective leadership can often seem intangible and elusive. There are technical skills that sit behind leadership, but exceptional leadership requires something more. The ability to be perceptive and selective, to understand when to push and when to encourage, when to drive and when to enable others to take the wheel. This depth of skills development and insight is what differentiates our leadership training.

Releasing Leadership – Results for the Individual

As a leader you want to feel confident, in control, and comfortable in the skin of leadership. This develops over time and with experience, but there are ways to ensure you get the most out of your experiences and develop your ability and awareness along the way. This programme will enable you to define and develop your authentic and unique leadership style. We will also show you how to deal with setbacks and problems, absorb the pressure, and come back stronger

What’s more this programme will provide a comprehensive, practical skill set. Understand yourself and others, set your leadership vision, and know how to motivate and inspire. Our ‘inside out’ approach enables you to be adept at self-leadership and then translate this into the leadership of others.

Releasing Leadership – Results for the Organisation

Confidence if often a key component for effective leadership. We understand that you want your leaders to be both competent and confident. We also know that leadership requires much more. As our organisations face new challenges and a relentless pace of change, you need leaders that are flexible, adaptable, resilient, and able to create new and innovative solutions to problems and challenges that you haven’t yet encountered.

Our Releasing Leadership programme develops each of these capacities and more. We will enable your leaders to create solutions, set direction, and inspire and motivate others with their vision. We also ensure that these skills are not only embedded but they are sustainable and undergo continual renewal after the programme is completed.

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Releasing Leadership | Course Modules

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Releasing Leadership | Emotional Intelligence

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Releasing Leadership | Inspire & Motivate

RELEASING LEADERSHIP | Inspire & Motivate Sell your vision to others. Enable them to see and draw motivation from the ...
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Releasing Leadership | Resilience

RELEASING LEADERSHIP | Resilience Develop a resilient mindset. Understand how to take on challenges, accept setbacks and grow from the ...
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Releasing Leadership | Performance & Talent

RELEASING LEADERSHIP | Performance & Talent Develop and enable performance & creativity. Analyse how to both foster and support talent, ...
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Releasing Leadership | Sustainable Leadership

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