Releasing Potential is our signature programme

What makes this different is that we start with the individual.  We use a number of tools and techniques to assess where you are, how you work, where you want to be, and how to get there. 

The programme is much more than a work based skills course.  We work on a personal level as well as a professional one – so you can apply these tools to all aspects of your life.  This is what makes our programme so effective, and what makes the outcomes so powerful and sustainable. 

Our modules cover goal setting, overwhelm, procrastination, productivity, emotional & social sense, and (critically) long term sustainability.



Our Releasing Potential programme is about boosting, and maintaining, personal capacity and productivity.

You want to achieve, to realise your ambitions, to make an impact.  To do this you need to be effective, and you need to develop your capacity.  Great words but what does that mean?  Well firstly you need to understand what it is you want to achieve so you can set real and meaningful goals.  Then you need the tools, techniques and strategies to achieve them.

We are constantly expected to do more with less.  The pressures come from all angles (including ourselves) and we can easily become overwhelmed.  We then procrastinate because we don’t know where to start and productivity goes out of the window.  Our programme cuts through all that.  We will give you clarity over what you want and how you can achieve it.  Practical tools that keep you moving forward, consistently and permanently.

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You are responsible for the outputs of your organisation – we get that. This might be the hard, financial bottom line, it might be enhanced service provision for your clients and service users, it might be your wider social and environmental impact. But the simple truth is your staff are there to deliver these outcomes. Any investment in training has to contribute to an enhancement of these outcomes.

But here’s the thing, if you don’t also invest in the personal capacity of your people, the effectiveness of your training provision will always be limited. What you need is a programme that increases personal capacity and also creates a direct link to the outcomes you want to see. Productivity gains directly linked to organisational aims. That’s what we deliver.

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Releasing Potential | Course Modules

Releasing Potential | Module – Goal Setting

RELEASING POTENTIAL | Goal Setting Module Are the goals you are working towards the right ones? If not, you will ...
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Releasing Potential | Module – Overwhelm

RELEASING POTENTIAL | Overwhelm Module Hustle is good, overwhelm isn’t. It is debilitating and demotivating. But with all of life’s ...
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Releasing Potential | Module – Procrastination

RELEASING POTENTIAL | Procrastination Module We all procrastinate. Sometimes it’s a necessary part of the creative process – but all ...
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Releasing Potential | Module – Productivity

RELEASING POTENTIAL | Productivity Module Productivity is the flip side of procrastination. Using our CPR system, we show you how ...
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Releasing Potential | Module – Emotional & Social Sense

RELEASING POTENTIAL | Emotional & Social Sense Module We all want to succeed, but sometimes intelligence alone is not enough ...
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Releasing Potential | Module – Sustainability

RELEASING POTENTIAL | Sustainability Module This programme is not something that sits on the shelf after completion. You will be ...
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