Releasing Team Potential | Letting teamwork work

Your team is comprised of individuals, and you need your individuals to work together as a team to achieve specific goals.  What makes our programme unique is that we fully realise all of these dimensions.  Traditional team training focusses on the team element almost exclusively, but if the individual and goal dimensions are neglected then the team training becomes irrelevant.   

We seldom get to choose the teams we are a part of, so we must be flexible and adaptable.  Our programme enables people to get the best out of themselves in a team environment (regardless of the team dynamics), which supports each team to be as effective as possible.  Delivering for the individual, the team and the organisation.

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Releasing Team Potential | Results for the Individual

There is an ‘I’ in team, in fact there are several of them.  Every team is comprised of individuals, and each individual plays their part in making the team work effectively.  So, even though this is a team programme, we start with individual skills and capacity.  

Through engagement with our programme, individuals will identify their strengths and skills and develop an understanding of what drives and motivates them. They will explore how they operate in a team and learn how they can adapt and flex to achieve personal and team objectives.  This will include how to make their voice heard, how to resolve differences in a way that is constructive and creative, and how to innovate and build effective systems and solutions.  

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Releasing Team Potential | Results for the Organisation

Teams need to be effective, efficient and productive. They need to maintain their capacity to be innovative and not degenerate into meaningless talking shops. And they need to achieve specific results. When we look at it like this, we realise we ask a lot from our teams. But how often do we equip them with the skills to achieve this diverse set of results and outcomes?

Our Releasing Team Potential programme hits all of these marks. Through working at both individual and team levels, we enable your people to develop and sustain skills that not only achieve specific short term tasks and goals, but longer term strategic aims, so that results are achieved year on year.

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Releasing Team Potential | Course Modules

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Releasing Team Potential | Module – Project Management

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Releasing Team Potential | Module – Sustainability

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